DENBA New Generation Cold Chain

·Refrigeration (freshness and shipping adjustments) Business Improvement Case A

Matsutake Mushroom, Nagano, Japan, 1°C, 28 days

·Refrigeration (freshness and shipment coordination) Business Case for Improvement B

Garlic growers in Aomori Prefecture Prevent sprouting -1°C and keep fresh for more than half a year.


·DENBA+ Cold storage (preservation) cases (improved product quality, reduced wastage rate)

Japan Chiba Prefecture Fisheries Company Prevents discoloration of Wagyu beef 1°C 1 day

·DENBA+ Cold storage (preservation) cases (shipment coordination, reduction of wastage rate, improvement of quality)

Boiled snow crabs stay fresh at 1°C for 5 days

·Example of DENBA+ improving refrigerated (thawed) yields

Typical defrosting temperature for meat in a high-end barbecue restaurant is 2°C (freshness is maintained and quality is improved after defrosting).

·DENBA+ Refrigeration (Freezing) High-quality Refrigeration Example

Freezing temperature -20°C (slow freezing) → Thawing and storage temperature 5°C (normal thawing)

·DENBA+ Refrigeration (Freezing) High-quality Refrigeration Example

Saitama, Japan Meat processing and retailing

·DENBA+ Refrigeration (Freezing) High-quality Refrigeration Example

Inspection organization: Institute of Meat Science and Technology, a general corporation, December 2021