DENBA FRYER is changing the way fried food is made!

·DENBA FRYER Product Adoption Examples

01 Don Quijote Co., Ltd.(MEGA Don Quijote)

(Approximately 150 stores nationwide, of which 120 are utilized)

02 Daitan Group: Meiyo Fuji Soba Noodles

(There are about 130 stores in the Kanto area, and almost all of them have adopted it)

03 Taiyo K.K. has been a favorite local supermarket for 40 years.

Supermarkets Introduction of prepared food section

04 Stores in Todoroki Stadium

Improvement in speed of delivery case

05 Yutaka Restaurant

Obihiro's queuing restaurants and popular eateries

For more information, see the President's blog.

06 Pork Chop Restaurant Chain Works

The premium tonkatsu restaurant chain with more than 10 outlets, including Tokyo Station, has launched a new lineup of tonkatsu at all of its outlets!

07 tofu seller

Introduced to a popular tofu restaurant founded in 1970

08 Blue Lounge Café

Example of a fried tavern presentation

100% Lard used