DENBA Health Industry Adoption Cases

Department store

We started working with DENBA Health at Entetsu Department Store, because our customers are very health conscious.We were looking for products that we could offer them.

DENBA Health is patented in 49 countries and is highly reliable and meets the needs of our customers. First and foremost, we want our customers to experience our products. We only buy from customers who have experienced the benefits of DENBA Health.

Of the customers who have actually purchased DENBA, many have experienced trouble sleeping, waking up in the middle of the night,feeling tired or sensitive to the cold.

We have received satisfactory comments from our customers that various sub-health problems have disappeared without them even realizing it.of satisfied testimonials. We want to continue to be a department store that contributes to the health of everyone in our community.

Entetsu Department Store 7th Floor Living Room Sales Area

〒430-8588  320-2 Sunayama-cho, Chuo-ku, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture


H P:

Cosmetic dermatology clinic

The clinic decided to use DENBA because it is a reliable and patented technology that helps to regulate autonomic disorders and improve blood flow in the DENBA space. This results in deep and quality sleep. In addition, with improved blood flow in the skin, nutrients are more easily transported and the anti-aging effect on the skin can be expected. It also speeds up the skin's recovery after cosmetic surgery. Our clinic offers treatments that make our patients truly happy, so we think DENBA is a great match for us.

Roppongi Skin Clinic Director Dr. Wakako Suzuki5F

Takenookooka Bldg. 4-12-11 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032 Japan


H P:

Be+clinic provides medical care for people who wish to regain their health and vitality from difficult illnesses. I first came across DENBA through an acquaintance, and immediately after trying it, I felt that my body, which had been exhausted, was getting lighter and lighter, so I immediately decided to adopt the system. A DENBA space was set up within the Quantum Healing Capsule. I am convinced that the synergistic effect of the stem cell supernatant infusion will help many people regain their health and youth. In fact, professional athletes who are sensitive to the body's sensations, such as the Japanese Deaf Table Tennis Champion and professional baseball officials, swear by it.*Kimura, a deaf table tennis player who used DENBA to accelerate the healing of a fracture that had not fully healed and won the Japanese Championships

Be +clinic President Naoho Tanizume

〒060-0052. 4-6-2, Minami 2-jo Higashi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido


H P:

Dental clinic

This is a dental clinic that practices the root based on the fact that it is made by itself, and if it wants healing, it understands to "cure oneself".

The word "symptomatic therapy" becomes a synonym for "fundamental therapy". Symptomatic treatment is to repeat the spot, and continue to mislead the cause of problem solving. This is the value of emergency care in the emergency, but there is no significant meaning for the chronic illness, which is common to modern people. What is important in this hospital is to show the healing power of the best to the maximum. Therefore, there is no doubt that the human being in this natural world is sick by being exposed to an unnatural environment. They approach them from material surface and spirit.

Denba promotes autonomic nerves and promotes the blood flow of the capillaries. It is thought that Merritt is easy to feel, such as "it becomes easy for the hip to become painful" and "body is poking". We aim at the synergistic effect of the quantum healing capsule. In addition, the mat is put on the chair outside the capsule, and there is a method to relax while inhaling hydrogen. I also use many of the principal, and one of my favorite things is denba.

Obihiro dental clinic

3108th nishikujojo, Obihiro City, Hokkaido

TEL: 00155-47-2525


beauty parlor

We visited the head office and learned about the pros and cons of applying 'the technology that keeps fruit from spoiling for three months on an Itochu cargo ship' to people. At the time, I was a little worried because it was space technology and I couldn't visualize it, but I felt that my range of motion had expanded and decided to introduce DENBA into my home. Aside from the fact that my sleep did improve, I was also impressed that at the pharmacy I was told that my vascular age, stress tolerance and autonomic balance readings were in the mid 20's (I'm 69 years old), so I decided to bring DENBA into my salon so that my clients could experience the effects of DENBA as well. Initially, we did not intend to sell DENBA due to its high price tag, but simply wanted to provide a higher quality environment for our clients, but we started to receive good feedback from our clients who had actually experienced DENBA, and we decided to sell DENBA. The head office held a seminar for the group's clients to explain the DENBA space and conveyed to them, in a straightforward manner, the DENBA advantages. At first, they didn't think about sales, but because they were sincere about their health experiences, this led to the sale of nearly 100 units. Today, employees are experiencing fatigue recovery on site as part of the benefits package. After the purchase, customers told us that they felt a change in their physical condition with and without DENBA, and we are very happy to have introduced the system because we feel that it is helping them to build a healthy body.

Mr. Keiichi Tanaka, Owner of the Creator

〒780-0061 1F OS Bldg. 3-8-7, Eita-cho, Kochi City, Kochi, Japan



Many of Healia's customers are middle-aged and older people in their 40s to 70s who are involved in a variety of health activities. Health is a constant theme for mankind, and just as we were considering whether we could come up with a new proposal, we came across DENBA. We incorporated it into our Head Spa menu and made suggestions based on the experience of our staff. Until now, it has sometimes been difficult to relieve the discomfort of customers during the day for a limited period of time, but through the use of DENBA, many customers felt relieved in a short period of time, and we envision a future in which our customers experience our techniques while minimizing their anxiety about illness.

Mr. Takahiro Hyuga, Manager of Healia Store〒


147-1 Nagatsuka, Kofi City, Yamanashi Pref.



Aromatic massage salon

The reason for introducing DENBA was for my father who is now in his 80's and has lost confidence in his memory and mobility. We hoped that by improving the blood flow to the ends of his limbs, it would have an effect on his brain and within 2 weeks or so, he was a different person. My father, who used to be distracted at home, now uses an iPad and even a smartphone, and I'm amazed at how much he cares about his surroundings. I work in space scenting and aromatherapy. A DENBA space filled with scent can be very relaxing.

Keisuke Sano, President, Heptagons Co.2-5-9

Asakusabashi 1F, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0053, Japan



Head Spa Salon

The introduction of DENBA came about through an encounter at ZAKONE, a sleep community operated by NTT East Japan. The DENBA technology for autonomic imbalance coincided with the concept of Sleep360, a dry hair spa salon we operate, and we received a lot of feedback from satisfied customers after the installation.As work styles become more flexible and people spend more time on computers and smartphones, more and more people are suffering from sleep deprivation, eyestrain and stress. We hope to continue to provide therapeutic solutions through Dry Head Spa x DENBA.

Daisuke Yamashita, President of company ChStyle


Isozaki Bldg. 4F, 2-19-1 Azabujuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan



Chiropractic Clinic

Acupressure, acupuncture and stretching methods alone are effective, but the introduction of DENBA makes the treatment even more effective as it works on each cell individually for a better therapeutic effect.People with persistent diseases who have been told they cannot walkPeople who cannot be cured by rehabilitationPeople who cannot be cured no matter where they go.The use of DENBA for different people further expands the range of treatment and improves the therapeutic effect! In addition, by conducting therapy in the DENBA space, the efficiency of the therapists is improved, and most importantly, the therapists feel less tired. I'm really glad we introduced it. Many people have purchased DENBA and taken it home to use because of the high level of physical sensation it provides, and they are very satisfied with it.

Capullo group president Moriga Naizome Shizu-e

〒511-0068 1F, 2-51 Chuo-machi, Kuwana City, Mie Pref.



Acupuncture clinic

A trainer I know introduced me to DENBA. Said that if you use it while you sleep, you'll feel a completely different sense of fatigue the next day! ' I was intrigued and tried it myself. I used it while I was sleeping and didn't feel anything special, so I thought, 'Does it really work? ' But the next day I woke up feeling refreshed and the quality of my sleep improved. I thought it was amazing! I immediately recommended it to the marathon runner I work with, and he responded so well that he bought it right away. I think it works especially well for marathon runners because they exercise a lot and are chronically fatigued. Since then, I've recommended it to all the athletes I've come into contact with, saying, 'Try it and you'll see how good it is.'

Mr. Ryuta Makino, Director of QOOL Co.

1F Fairy Villa, 1-8-4 Senkawa-cho, Tobu-shi, Tokyo 182-0002, Japan



Our clinic has been using oriental medicine such as fertility acupuncture and cosmetic acupuncture to stimulate natural healing power and improve health without side effects. I got to know DENBAHealth by using it while listening to the instructions when I came to the clinic for sales, but at that time I didn't feel anything special, so I refused. However, that day I stopped going to the bathroom at night, my body felt light in the morning and it lasted for several days, and I have had chronic low back pain for 30 years. I have been treated only with acupuncture and have not relied on medical equipment, but I felt that combining cutting-edge technology with Oriental medicine could achieve a wide range of treatments, so I decided to introduce this system. We hope that all three acupuncture clinics will be impressed with the introduction of this system.

Aqua Acupuncture & Moxibustion Therapy Institute Mr. Yoshihiro Inami, Director

7-2 Ishitsujimachi, Tennoji-ku, Osaka, 543-0031, Japan



Chiropractic therapy

Smiley Japanese Holistic Clinic treatments are combined with DENBA Health to produce a synergistic therapeutic effect. Many patients are satisfied with this treatment because it is not only effective for pain, but also regulates the autonomic nervous system, relieves insomnia, restores fatigue and reduces migraine headaches.Practitioners using DENBA are themselves less prone to fatigue, even with prolonged treatments and increased patient numbers.

Mr. Toshihiko Sakai, Director of Smile Japan Holistic Institute

108-6 Okuma, Kasuya-machi, Kasuya-gun, Fukuoka 811-2302, Japan



Sports clubs

We were introduced to DENBA by someone else. We introduced it because we felt it had the potential to support our company for athletes and people looking to address physical issues. We have installed it in gyms and leisure areas to increase the opportunities and places for people to experience it and it has been well received by our customers. This approach has also generated interest in everyday use, with many people, including athletes, installing the equipment in their homes. Our company is committed to providing full support for improved performance” and DENBA has become a reliable partner for our company.


1-3-33 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0063, Japan



At a product demonstration, our employees actually used the product and felt the fatigue recovery. We wanted to try it on BIGBEAR athletes to see how it works. DENBA doesn't require any manual intervention, especially since it only needs to be placed on a mat. It can be used while the athlete is stretching or sleeping. It is easy to use and does not burden the athlete. Athletes also tell us that they feel like they recover from fatigue faster than ever before and that pain relief is faster than ever.In combination with DENBA and the hyperbaric chamber we use, we have also felt the effects of DENBA on fracture healing. We think it's very effective for fracture healing.


〒192-0081 7F F.T. Building, 22-1 Yokoyama-cho, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo



Denba experience Salon

In order to help more people understand DENBA, a large-scale event was held at the hotel. The opportunity for the opening of the DENBA Experience Salon is to create a place where people who participate can easily experience DENBA.

After the salon opened, in addition to the participants, many people searched and visited the salon online, saying, "It's really nice to have such a place.".

At the same time, the person being experienced was asked, "Can we bring acquaintances next time?" As a result, the introduction continued to increase and was linked to sales.

Beauty&Wellness Experience Salon "Natural Well being"

154-0015 3rd Floor, Sakura Shincho, Setagaya ku, Tokyo




Operating Company: Huanxin Queyue Factory Co., Ltd


Mr. Nakamura, competitor (stable equestrian).

Mio Ohashi Contestant (Horseshoe Houses and Steeplechase)

Under the theme of “Supporting athletes' performance with the power of science,” QI MANAGE offers promotional activities such as opportunities to experience DENBA Health and lending demonstration equipment not only to local residents but also to athletes nationwide.In particular, the company is associated with the equine industry, providing support for the conditioning of Japan's top equestrian athletes and their horses. In the area of horse care, the company also holds seminars using DENBA Health in cooperation with Ms. Mio Ohashi, who has experience in horse grooming in Germany.

QI Management Co.

3325 Omori, Inishi-shi, Chiba-ken, 270-1327, Japan



DENBA Yoga School

Today we held DENBA Postnatal Care Yoga for babies and mothers.

The mothers were very surprised because their babies slept well and were quiet.

Ms. Sakurako believes that babies contain more water in their bodies, so the DENBA effect may be more effective.

※ It is a personal reflection and opinion, not based on our company's data. Additionally, the effect varies from person to person.