Many fruits are relatively sensitive. There are many
problems in the preservation of fruits from the origin to processing and storage temperature.

By using DENBA technology, you can maintain the freshness of vegetables and create high value-added products.

Can be used in business refrigerators, prefabricated warehouses and other places.

According to DENBA's unique technology, the discharge plate is used as the center, and it works in a 360-degree space without contact.

In addition, the product has a small appearance, and can be installed on the existing refrigerating equipment easily.

Example of grape famer:

It is very difficult to adjust the producing and shipment of grapes because grapes are easy to deteriorate.

Using DENBA technology, grapes can be stored in a lower temperature zone in order to inhibit

bacterial activity, extend the shelf life, and inhibit degradation.

Examples of strawberries:

DENBA technology makes it possible
to store strawberrys in a lower temperature zone (storage without freezing under freezing point). It can inhibit the activity of bacteria, extend the shelf life, and suppress deterioration.
Can extend the storage period to about 20 days (storage temperature is -2 ° C)

※ Bacteria could be inhibited from breeding within about 7 days. From the 10th day, due to individual differences, some parts became discolored, rotten, and the stem became to be dry.

DENBA+ 3WAY System

DENBA refrigeration

Activate the cells to keep fresh utilizing the world's first space electrostatic wave system.

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DENBA Freezing

High-quality freezing can be achieved in the temperature range from -18 ° C to -25 ° C with less damage to the cells.

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DENBA Defrost

Reduce drip loss by 95%, and improve customer satisfaction.

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