Makes it possible to keep the ingredients displayed in the store fresh.

Because DENBA can produce freshness in the space, it can also be used in open display cabinets.

In the DENBA space, ingredients can be kept fresh and available to guests at any time.

It can be used in various places such as business refrigerators and warehouses.

Through our unique technology, various effects can be exerted in the 360-degree space around the discharge plate without contact.

And the appearance of the product is small, as long as it is installed on the existing refrigerating equipment, the installation method is also very simple.

It can keep a variety of ingredients fresh.

Keep the freshness of the ingredients, suppress the deterioration of the ingredients, and realize the high-quality sales of the ingredients.

Reduce the loss of ingredients to zero, keep the food that was originally edible fresh, and contribute to the sales of the store.

By reducing the loss of foodstuffs, the amount of waste generated can also be reduced, contributing to the protection of the global environment.