Keio University and DENBA to conduct joint research on the usefulness of freezing and thawing Human Induced Pluripotent.

DENBA has been selected by MAFF as one of the global logistics emergency measure providers for promoting food and agricultural and marine products of Japan in 2021!

DENBA installed containers` excellent freshness retention performance significantly extends the shelf life of food for Children`s Kitchen, reducing food loss and waste.

DENBA is aiming at offering a better dietary lifestyle for all ship crew worldwide with DENBA`s food freshness retention technology.

Receives the 2023 Japan Logistics Awards
"Technological Innovation Award"

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We will contribute to the revitalization of society by supporting various sports.


With the unique patented technology, it has created new common sense of freshness preservation, freezing and thawing of food ingredients, and has established revolutionary preservation standards. From the producer to the end user, they are favored by customers throughout the cold chain. We have also entered the fields of health, beauty and medical, committed to the highest quality, technology and safety, and strive to be your life companion in the century of life.