DENBA Fresh, a special household refrigerator system, New released!

The largest number of cases in the industry.

So far, DENBA technology has been adopted by the world's

major home appliance manufacturers, business refrigerator

manufacturers, and the world's largest container group.

Standing at the forefront of the industry and creating new common sense.

Patented in 45 countries

Equipped with a patented technology that creates electric field in space.

excellent waterproof ensures safety and reliable use.

Product:DENBA Fresh

  • Model DENBA-08R
  • Size W187mmxD110mmxH61mm
  • Input voltage AC100V 50/60Hz AC220-240V 50Hz
  • Power Consumption 2W
  • Weight 1.2kg

Discharge plate

  • Size W260mmxD170mmxH6mm
  • Weight 0.38kg