What are the unique characteristics of DENBA FRYER?

With the latest technology, change the common sense of fried food at the atomic level-DENBA FRYER.

Electronically vibrate the oil to make the center and surface temperature of the ingredients uniform, shorten the cooking time, reduce oil absorption, and make the food more crispy.The realization of "green & energy-saving" and "healthy & delicious" which is not only good for ingredients, but also oil.

One-click start, new system of DENBA technology

The fine electronic vibration conducts heat evenly to the inside of the ingredients.

To further evolve the cooking environment of fried foods

Groundbreaking devices derived from technology

3 features of DENBA FRYER

  • 01 clean&Eco

    • ● Frying at low temperature saves fuel and suppresses oil splashing.
    • ● Suppress oil oxidation.
  • 02 healthier

    • ● Reduce the absorption of fats, which can reduce lipids by up to 40%.
    • ● Inhibits the production of carcinogens (acrylamide).
  • 03 Reduce cooking time

    • ● Reduce frying time by 10% ~ 15%.
    • ● Make the center temperature and surface temperature of fried food uniform.
  • ● The electrons are released into the oil tank, causing the electrons to vibrate finely and improve the heat conductivity.
  • ● Realize low-temperature cooking and reduce fuel costs.
  • ● Inhibit the oxidation of the oil, the amount of oil used can be reduced by 40%, and even the guests reduced by 70%!
  • ● Reduce food absorption of oil.
  • ● Reduce frying time.

What is the reason that can inhibit the oxidation of oil?

DENBAFRYER gives the entire oil tank an electronic micro-vibration, which successfully makes the water and oil not combined together so that only the water evaporates, which is a completely new system.

Reduce the amount of oil used by more than 40%, and the maximum can be reduced by 70%!

  • By affecting water molecules, the oxidation of oil is suppressed.
  • In addition, the temperature of the FRYER can be reduced by 5 to 10 degrees to achieve low-temperature cooking.
  • Because it is low-temperature cooking, it can reduce the oxidation of the oil, reduce the burden on the oil, and extend the oil replacement cycle.
  • Suppressing the splash of oil and fume during cooking can reduce the temperature of the cooking place and improve the cooking environment.
  • DENBA FRYER is committed to reducing labor burdens such as cleaning, achieving savings in air-conditioning use, and improving the environment of food establishments and stores.

Keep the taste of chicken intact, reduce oil content, healthy fry.

Make fried dishes faster, more delicious, and healthier.

  • Can shorten the frying time by 10% ~ 15%. Inhibits oil absorption and highlights the original flavor of the ingredients.
  • Quick cooking in a short period of time, suppressing the absorption of oil in food, and reducing the lipid in fried foods by up to 40%. And does not affect the deliciousness of the ingredients.
  • For guests who are seeking health and weight loss, they can propose calorie control proposals, and also increase the number of new guests and their repeated utilization.

You can eat fried foods healthy! ?

Successfully reduced carcinogens by 75%

World premiere, clinical data on carcinogen suppression

We commissioned House Food Analytical Laboratory Inc. to measure the acrylamide content in 100 grams of French fries, which was used in fried chicken. By using DENBAFRYER, the acrylamide content of degraded oil can be suppressed to one-fourth.

House Food Analytical Laboratory 100g french fries test results

  • Inspection Agency:

    House Food Analytical Laboratory

  • Unit:


  • Cooking conditions:

    Fry for 3 minutes using an ordinary frying pan (the center temperature of the ingredients after cooking is above 75 ° C)

  • Crusted fruit:

    ordinary FRYER/425μg/kg

※Acrylamide is also regarded as an important issue internationally. Japan ’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries has listed it as a substance with a “carcinogenic risk”

User of DENBA FRYER Fuji Soba


Apply electronic fine vibration to the oil to make the temperature of the center and surface of the food uniform,Shorten cooking time, reduce oil absorption, and make food more delicious and crispy.To achieve "green & environmental protection" and "healthy and delicious".

  • Model DENBA-10F
  • Size 70mmxD145mmxH50 mm
  • Input voltage AC100V-120V 50/60Hz AC220-240V 50Hz
  • Power consumption 1W
  • Weight 0.9kg

Discharge plate

  • Model DF-10a-2/DF-10b-2
  • Size W160mmxD70mmxH167mm
  • Weight 0.36kg