Blood efflux during thawing can be reduced by up to 95%. Reduce loss rate and improve customer satisfaction.

Effects and Features

  • ● Significantly reduce blood and water outflow and nutrient loss
  • ● Reduce weight loss and increase sales
  • ● Thaw evenly at the center temperature and surface temperature

Through the resonance of the same wavelength as water molecules, high-quality thawing under freezing point is achieved. After thawing, freshness and deliciousness can be maintained well, and environmental hygiene is improved.


  • 01 Significantly reduce blood loss, improve quality, and improve environmental hygiene

    The ordinary refrigerator with DENBA + installed can be used to thaw the surface and the center at the same time to minimize the damage of the cell membrane. Not only can shorten the time, but also can be used as a refrigerator to improve work efficiency.

  • 02 Apply electronic energy and fine vibration to the air to achieve defrosting with high freshness. Maintain freshness, color and taste.

    Suppressing the bacterial growth of thawed foods and making the foods last longer, thereby greatly reducing the loss (disposal) of the foods and ultimately saving costs and increasing profits.

  • 03 Perform low-temperature thawing at a temperature range of 0 ~ -2 ° C to prevent the loss of blood water (nutritional components).

    DENBA + uses a unique technology to create an electrostatic wave environment in the refrigerator. Fine electronic vibration is applied to the air, which makes it possible to thaw under the freezing point of 0 ~ -2 ° C. When thawing, electronic fine vibration is given to the ingredients to reduce the burden on the ingredients and reduce the loss of taste (blood).

  • 04 Suitable for wobble plate after thawing, storage after processing (to maintain moisture and color)

    Cut the sashimi in advance, and slice the meat. After processing, it can be kept moisturized and lustrous until it is provided to guests.

    And it is not easy to produce discoloration, blocking, drying, deformation and so on.

DENBA+ 3WAY System

DENBA refrigeration

Activate the cells to keep fresh utilizing the world's first space electrostatic wave system.

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DENBA Freezing

High-quality freezing can be achieved in the temperature range from -18 ° C to -25 ° C with less damage to the cells.

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DENBA Defrost

Reduce drip loss by 95%, and improve customer satisfaction.

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