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DENBA technology

DENBA is the world first technology that project static waves into airspace.

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DENBA+ 3WAY System

Preserving food under 0 degrees without freezing it, maintain food freshness.

Achieve high-quality freezing between -18°C to -25°C.

Reduce up to 95% of blood loss.

Decrease food loss rate and increase customer satisfaction.


Freshness holding special container

DENBA Health

Utilization in medical and health fields

Reduction in deep-fried time, improvement in thermal conductivity, reduction of oil consumption,  healthy.

By installing DENBA in the container, the whole space is kept freshness.

Contributing to various fields by further miniaturization and weight saving, the application is also various in the health field.


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2018-01-17     Notice of freshness preservation comparison promotion at 100 stores of home refrigerator and China's largest consumer electronics retailer


2017-12-22     Announcement of articles in Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun


2017-09-25     Notice of company name change


2017-09-25     Industrial Exhibition 2017 Tokyo Business Frontier 11/15 ~ 17 Notice of Exhibition


2017-09-11     Announcement of Shanghai Branch Office Establishment


2017-08-02     Seafood International Exhibition 8/23 ~ 25 Notice of Exhibition


2017-08-01     Notice of obtaining US patent No. 9681677


2017-07-25     Korean Patent Acquisition Acquisition No. 10-1759099


2017-06-21     Announcement of the paper of the Agricultural Science Institute of China


2017-06-16     Notice of Conclusion of Strategic Alliance Agreement with China Ningbo Agricultural Science Institute


2017-06-05     China (Fuzhou) International Fishery Exhibition Notice of 12th November 2017 6/30 - 7/2


2017-05-29     China (Shanghai) International Food Drink Exhibition 5/17 ~ 19 Notice of Exhibition


2017-04-06     New products  Lanch Fujikoso. Fertilizer.


2017-03-28     China Trademark registration   No 17583663


2017-02-22     Joint research and development agreement with Jiangsu Agricultural Science Institute Processing Plant


2017-02-22     Established New branch at Jiangsu Province


2017-02-15     Exhibit at Washoku Industry exhibition , 7th to 9th Mar


2017-01-23     New products Lanch DENBA C2200

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